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Let's Go Bowling

Venue:Lower Level, Stadium on Main, N1 City, Goodwood. Tygervalley Centre, Bellville, Somerset Mall, Somerset West
Cost:R40 pp per game (non-members); R25 pp per game (members); Sun after 16h00 R20 (members), R40 (non-members).
Doors Open:9h00 - 23h00pm Mon - Sat; 9h00 - 22h00 Sun.
Contact: 021 671 1893

"A game of Ten-Pin Bowling is divided into ten rounds (called "frames"). In a frame, each player is given two opportunities to knock down the skittle targets (called "pins"). He or she rolls the first ball at the pins. Whatever pins are knocked down are counted and scored. Then the player rolls a second ball at any remaining targets. In the event that all ten pins were razed with the first ball (a "strike"), the player receives points and a bonus, and play passes to the next competitor." *Official Let's go Bowling website*