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Green Dolphin Jazz Club

Venue:V&A Waterfront
Cape Town
Contact:021 421 7471

Conveniently located in the V&A Waterfront, The Green Dolphin jazz clubhas developed a reputation as an upmarket live music venue with excellent food, great atmosphere and vibrant tunes.

This Cape Town jazz club is dedicated to preserving the sublime art of jazz. And they are very serious about it. Just as serious, it turns out, as they are about providing some of the best food you will ever be served in a live music venue.

The Green Dolphin jazz club  opened in 1990 with the pledge: "Dedicated to the preservation of jazz." In the nearly 20 years since opening, they have provided the very best of Cape Town's - and South Africa's - jazz musicians with a top class venue to play at, and a great stop on the tour circuit for international players as well.

Cape Town is very proud of its jazz heritage and, if you are a fan, this is the place in the Mother City to see the very best bopping and jiving in a luxurious setting within easy reach of other amenities and attractions.

The Waterfront has easy access for cars and plenty of parking. It is also on bus and taxi routes and is home to many hotels, bars, cinemas, shops and other live music venues. In short, a one stop entertainment extravaganza.

The Green Dolphin in Cape Town is a must visit venue for any visitor to the area, whether you are a jazz fan or not. Its restaurant is top class, and the history of jazz, which is so much a part of Cape Town life, has taken root in this relatively new location. With an easy atmosphere and relaxed décor, The Green Dolphin is reminiscent of the smoky jazz clubs of 1920s America, but with a modern twist