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Yoga At City Rock

Venue:Cnr Collingwood & Anson, Observatory
Cost:From R75
Doors Open:see schedule on website
Contact:021 447 1326

Yoga and climbing are very synergistic. Climbing requires core strength, balance, breathing and focus, all skills that Yoga helps with tremendously. So many climbers do Yoga. For an interesting article on the benefits to climbers of doing Yoga, read the recent SA Mountain Magazine article entitled Yoga for Climbing.

We of course welcome non-climbers to participate in our Yoga classes.

Beginners and Non-climbers welcome at all our Classes!

We have become a small but popular Yoga Studio in Observatory so many non-climbers do Yoga with us as well. Beginners are welcome at all our classes. Just introduce yourself to the teacher and let them know it’s your first time (typically they will have figured it out already if they don’t recognize you).