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Bertram House

Venue:Hiddingh Campus
Orange Street
Cape Town
Cost:No entrance fee. Donations only.
Doors Open:10h00

Built in the style known locally as late Georgian, it was extensively restored during 1983 and 1984 and furnished to give an impression of life in a well-to-do English home during the early years of the British occupation some 200 years ago.

The establishment of this museum, opened on 12 May 1984, was largely the result of the magnificent bequest made by Winifred Ann Lidderdale, which forms the nucleus of the collection. Mrs Lidderdale’s bequest comprises ten major collections of which the largest is porcelain, numbering 364 items. 

Although the collection consists mainly of English porcelain, it includes fine examples of Chinese export porcelain. It also includes a superb collection of English Furniture comprising 58 Georgian pieces.

Most of the furniture dates from the latter half of the 18th century. There are earlier pieces and in some cases later ones, but these are in keeping with the prevailing style of the house.